Hearing on Pacific City Parking

October 30, 2019 - 10:00 AM
Tillamook County Courthouse
201 Laurel Ave.
Tillamook, OR
Free—public meeting

The heavily trafficked beach at Cape Kiwanda.\Photo by Sonja Peterson.

The Tillamook County Commissioners have been wrestling with the parking problems of the Pacific City area.  These problems primarily manifest during summers.  The plan seeks to ameliorate the impacts of congestion and parking in inappropriate places during peak tourism periods.  The commissioners will hold a hearing on the Pacific City/Woods Parking Management Plan on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 10 a.m., in Commissioners’ Meeting Room A in the Tillamook County Courthouse (201 Laurel Ave.) in Tillamook.

Residents in the area may well want to weigh in on the choices being considered.  Everyone who visits the area might want to focus on a couple of issues.  One is the proposal to start charging parking fees at places like Cape Kiwanda.  Those who visit the area at other times that mid-summer might want to suggests that such fees be used only during summer months, not during the winter when there is little or no congestion.  Other ideas in the plan include directing RV traffic to Bob Straub State Park and setting up a shuttle to Cape Kiwanda, and closing and relocating Webb Campground.

More important environmentally, the plan suggests improvements to the “turnaround” that provides access to the shoreline at the northern end of Bob Straub State Park.  Oregon Shores does not oppose improvements to the undeveloped parking here, but strongly urges that access over the dune to the shoreline be vehicles at this location be prohibited, to reduce the impacts of vehicles to the beach environment.

Some concerned local citizens are arguing that the public has not had sufficient information to evaluate the plans, and urge that residents attend the hearing to ask for a delay so that more public feedback can be sought.

Here is a simplified presentation about the plan.


Or, if you want to dig into the details, here is the full plan.


And if you really want to verse yourself in the plan, here is the separate plan for Cape Kiwanda.