Humbug Hike

September 27, 2020 - 9:30 AM
Humbug Mountain trailhead
South Coast Striders

Humbug Mountain.\Photo courtesy of the South Coast Striders.

The South Coast Striders are offering a hike to some of the best views on the coast on Sunday, Sept. 27, beginning at 9:30 a.m.  The objective:  Humbug Mountain and its vantage point along the Curry County coast.  Note that this hike was originally to have taken place two weeks earlier, but was postponed due to the state's fire disaster.  Even if you were registered for the earlier version, you must re-register.

The hike begins at the Humbug Mountain trailhead, about six miles south of Port Orford.  Registration is required, since the hike is limited to 15 people—to register, go here.

There are actually two possible hikes.  The main event is just over five miles long, but gains a lot of elevation (about 1800 feet), so be prepared for a difficult hike.  The hike goes up Humbug’s East trail, providing views to the south, and down the West trail, providing views of Port Orford on the way back down.

The “short” hike is nearly as long, just over four miles, but climbs a maximum of 434 feet.  This one follows along the old coast highway and offers good views of Humbug Mountain itself, Redfish Rocks, and the town of Port Orford. If there aren’t enough volunteer leaders, the short hike may be self-guided, but there a detailed trail guide is available.

If more than 15 people want to participate in the longer hike, it may be possible to bring along a second group with staggered starting times, if additional volunteer hike leaders step forward.  To volunteer, contact  Hikers will be asked to maintain social distance and bring a mask for bandana.

One word of warning:  There are no restrooms at the trailhead.  Restrooms at the Battle Rock wayside in Port Orford may be open, but this is not certain.